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Keita Turner Designs out of New York features varied colors, hues and textures in this serene bedroom.
Photo:  Courtesy of Keita Turner Designs

Reviewing publicized home design trends can open your mind to new ideas, but we found the approach of Architectural Design to be of interest.  Late in December of 2018, the model-of-good-taste magazine cast around to respected interior design professionals to learn what designers don’t want to see in 2019 – almost as telling as what they do want!  Take a moment to consider their observations about rooms, décor, themes and more.

Adventures of Color

New York designer Keita Turner steers away from the ‘clean, white look’ with inspired color and texture combinations.  No more boring palettes for Keita!

Keep the Dining Room!

Designer Janie Molster stood firm in her support of dining rooms, which increasingly have yielded to great rooms and casual dining.  In her ‘bid’ for saving the time-traditional dining room, Janie encourages the value of calm gatherings, candlelight and family interaction around the dinner table.  Perhaps not for everyone, but certainly worth considering!

Calm Your Theming Drive

Sig Bergamin, a non-minimalist Brazilian architect, calls for discretion in theming designs.  Some literally fill a house with black and white or with retro ‘everything’ to resurrect the 50’s-60’s look.  Originality and mixing periods and styles can create significant design interest. Add a colorful collection of African woven bowls on a wall without transforming the entire room into a Kenyan Reserve.  And be sure to shop sources that help individual African artisans instead of Chinese imitations.

Undoubtedly, you choose your own trends and enjoy discovering new ideas to personalize your new home and highlight your treasures.

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